Promoting equality in teaching and learning.

We Teach Well works to promote  educational equality and improve student outcomes through high quality, subject specific, borderless professional development options, to build confidence in English and Literature teachers wherever they may teach.

English professional development.

The past 18 months have been eye-opening. While the use of education technology was steadily growing before Covid, there is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated it.

This has created so many possibilities for teacher professional learning networks that are not limited by geography. We can now reach teachers and students in places we couldn’t before.


Does your marking load seem to breed?

Do you find it hard to get time for researching new texts?

Are you frustrated by the ever revolving door of curriculum changes?

Imagine being part of a borderless professional learning network which includes new and experienced literature teachers from around the world. Imagine having access to the latest research and technology. Imagine being able to reduce educational inequality. Imagine never having to worry about outdated curriculum materials again.

Curricula change – subject knowledge only expands.

Our Promise

Each an every time a school or organisation works with us, on their behalf, we will provide a program of equal value to a school in a developing region. We will do this in partnership with a number of NFP’s working in K-12 education and child welfare.

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Some Fun with Shakespeare

Some Fun with Shakespeare

As we approach, once again, the day of Shakespeare’s birth and death, the faithful among us, (some would say nerds) start revisiting the Bard’s canon and the enormity of his influence.  This is a serious, and at the same time not serious, undertaking. There is much...

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