The Team

We Teach Well’s founders, mission and values

Hi, I’m Judy.
I live on the Darling Downs in Queensland with my best friend James. I am just about to begin a PhD in Shakespeare studies, because, like most great teachers, I love learning about all things literature. My favourite thing to do is to hold workshops for teachers that allow them to be more confident in their classrooms.

Hey, I’m Carolyn.
I am back in my home city of Melbourne. I retired a few years ago but didn’t like it very much. I missed the company of other passionate teachers and the pleasure of knowing that I was making a difference. I started this journey as a way of reconnecting with teachers like you. I figure that if each of us is making a difference on our own then together we can make a bigger one.

Our story

Like you we are passionate about literature and language and the benefit it provides to students in all disciplines. We also know just how busy a teacher’s life gets, and how hard it is to keep up-to-date and find good material to engage and inspire students.

The goal of We Teach Well is to make your life easier; to give you the help you need to approach each day with confidence. When you are tired and overworked and your marking pile seems to be breeding on your desk, your confidence takes a hit. You begin to doubt yourself and the value of what you are doing. We have all felt this and it is just wrong. You are magnificent. Everyday, in the midst of chaos, you are planting seeds that have the power to change our world.

Our mission

  • To foster an empowering community of teachers who are constantly expanding the field of literary knowledge.
  • To promote educational equality through cross-cultural relationships.
  • To provide the same quality of and access to resources for English and literature teachers regardless of nationality or economics.

We commit to

  • Offering exceptional value to teachers.
  • Offering accurate, researched and attributed material.
  • Being customer focused and impact driven.
  • Being authentic, responsive, consistent and reliable.
  • Ethical growth that is sustainable and researched for impact.

We will never

  • Create products which increase inequality.
  • Cheapen the brand with questionable marketing techniques.
  • Sell products which promote marginalisation.
  • Put income above impact.
  • Partner with brands who don’t share our values.