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Sometimes it is hard to find great subject specific PD for teachers. There seem to be so many options and you can’t always be sure it will be helpful to individual teachers.

With We Teach Well  PD courses, the content will always be detailed prior to purchasing. Your teachers and HODs will know exactly what the course consists of and what resources are included.

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Teach Shakespeare Well

What is it about Shakespeare that makes his work an integral part of English literature courses? Why do we study the work of a playwright and poet who died more than 400 years ago?

How the Digital Technologies K-10 curriculum can add value to the English classroom

Coming in 2023

Shakespeare Theatre-Hulk Okan Tabak on

Teach Shakespeare Really Well

A comprehensive, advanced online course for teachers of English and literature

Coming in 2023


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Having worked in secondary schools with both teachers I have no hesitation in recommending them. Their knowledge of what is required for student success in English is indisputable. As is their compassion and sensitivity to colleagues who they will mentor and support on their teaching journey.

J. Robb

Deputy Principal, (Retired) Queensland

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