Coaching and Mentoring

Building confidence in passionate teachers.

Nationally and internationally, there is unequivocal evidence that the quality of teaching is the most significant in-school factor affecting student outcomes. There is also strong evidence that better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted development can improve teacher performance.

Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.

Supported and confident teachers stay teaching longer and improve student achievement and engagement.

School Leaders collaborating

We teach well when: 

We are confident

We are enthusiastic

 We are supported.

Teacher video conference

Confidence comes from knowing our subject matter.

  Enthusiasm is born of our desire to see all students flourish.

 Support comes in the form of encouragement, coaching and mentoring by experienced teachers.

Growing in confidence and in skill.

We Teach Well endorses wholeheartedly the idea that supporting a teacher’s professional growth is the best way to ensure that all students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active, informed citizens. 

Our interactive virtual programs help teachers and staff develop their skills and confidence. It is this development of confidence and skill that leads to better outcomes for students.


Mentoring has always been a valuable practice in education but we had other names for it:

  • The teacher down the hall
  • The staffroom
  • Friday night drinks
  • Sharing

Organic mentoring used to be an integral part of a teacher’s experience as they entered staff rooms filled with experienced teachers.

But all that disappeared when the schools were closed and we were working remotely.

During the last couple of years, individual and small group digital programs have  facilitated more of a coaching model.

The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The Framework endorses research evidence that the quality of teaching is one of the most significant in-school factors affecting student outcomes. It also agrees with research showing  that a teacher’s practice can grow significantly with better targeted appraisal, support and feedback. All states have established individual programs for implementing the framework in a way that aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Framework recognises the entitlement of all teachers to know what is expected of them, receive ongoing, meaningful feedback and access to high quality professional learning.

The Performance and Development Cycle of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework requires that all teachers have a set of documented goals which are regularly reviewed and reflected upon. They are to be supported in achieving these goals with the help of high quality professional learning and they need to receive both formal and informal feedback.

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While some theorists emphasise the tutoring and instructional aspects of coaching in which the coach imparts information to the learners/students, other theorists construe coaching as a process of facilitation of performance, learning and development, aimed at increasing competence, commitment and confidence. 


All our current coaching programs are aligned with the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

We are committed to borderless education, but for these initial coaching programs we are working with teachers in our timezone. Many of these teachers need us to take them through the  Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Our Solution

The primary goal of any coaching/mentoring program for teachers needs to be around teaching and learning.

Improved engagement and outcomes for students is at the heart of teaching. It is what you and your staff are constantly striving for.

Through a combination of individual and group coaching, and using the 3 phases of the Performance and Development Cycle,***  We Teach Well programs encourage teachers to engage in reflective practice.

Reflective practice encourages teachers to set goals and implement strategies that will maximise their effectiveness in the classroom, without the often negative influence of teacher appraisal.

*** The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework was endorsed by Education Ministers at the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC) on 3 August 2012.


Enrolments for Semester 1 2024 are now open


Your Coaches

Photos of the coaches

Carolyn and Judy

We Teach Well  can manage this for you. Our coaches are experienced English and Literature subject specialists who understand the processes.


Include a We Teach Well  coaching program as part of a high quality, successful professional development strategy.


What Our Colleagues Say

Having worked in secondary schools with both teachers I have no hesitation in recommending them. Their knowledge of what is required for student success in English is indisputable. As is their compassion and sensitivity to colleagues who they will mentor and support on their teaching journey.
J. Robb

Deputy Principal, (Retired) Queensland.

Just having that external, reliable, friendly ear outside of my school environment to talk too. It was a godsend this year and I wouldn’t have made it through without it. Mentoring was always supportive, encouraging, and helpful.

E Enticott

Secondary Teacher, Victoria

We Teach Well is an incredible resource for teachers and a great support network. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about making a difference in the education industry through her work. What a great initiative!
C. Goldsworthy

Founder, The Fashion Advocate, Melbourne & Brisbane

Carolyn is an excellent mentor always ready to help out her students and anyone around her with her skills and expertise. The work “weteachwell” is doing is important and highly relevant in today’s education landscape where creativity and arts education needs to be encouraged along with digital learning, to develop 21st century skills.

Hima TK

Founder, InquiBox, Melbourne

Will I get reports on the teacher's progress?

We understand that you will want to know how your teachers are going, but effective coaching and mentoring rely on a relationship of trust. Teachers in the program need to know that their sessions are confidential, within the parameters of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Schools will have the opportunity of submitting requests for particular issues to be addressed. They will also receive a completion report at the end of the program, however, they will not have access to the content of the sessions.

Is there a recognised framework to the program?

Absolutely, Obviously the program is tailored to the particular group, we are teachers after all. However, the program is created to support and promote both the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

We Teach Well endorses wholeheartedly the idea that supporting a teacher’s professional growth is the best way to ensure that all students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active, informed citizens. *

The coach will model and support the standards of professional knowledge, professional practice, and professional engagement as set out by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. (APST) However, mentoring and coaching sessions are confidential.

*Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework. p.3

What does the school need to do?

While it is understood that schools and their teachers are under a great deal of pressure right now, it would be good if the school appointed someone who the participant can report to if needed.

The Framework requires that teacher performance and development processes and goals should reflect the overall approach to teaching and learning within a school and should be consistent with the school plans. So it would be good if the participant is aware of these.

Can we use these sessions for teacher appraisal?

No, the Framework aims to promote genuine professional conversations that improve teaching and minimise the risk that administrative and bureaucratic requirements will become the focus. 

(You see what I did there? My language got all formal. That was the interpretation given by the QIEU)

Will we have the opportunity to assess the program?

Absolutely. Participant and school evaluation of the program will be sought and appreciated.

The core criteria for all We Teach Well coaching and mentoring programs are taken from the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders.

So, these are the questions we ask:

Has the professional learning program:

  • Informed practice and pedagogy.
  • Been relevant, collaborative and future focused. 
  • Assisted the teachers and schools  to modify practice in response to student needs.
  • Clarified for the teachers and administrations the importance of professional learning networks and communities of practice.
  • Demonstrated that evidence of practice can and should be collected from a variety of sources.
  • Built the confidence of the teachers as valued professionals.



What is your refund policy?

Refunds can be considered up until 7 days prior to the individual sessions beginning. The coaches will spend a great deal of time in matching the participants and preparing for the sessions during this time.

Once the group sessions have begun fees can not be refunded. However, if there is a good reason for the drop-out you can substitute another participant. We will provide the support needed to help the new participant fit into the group.