Who was William Shakespeare and why do we teach his work?

What is it about Shakespeare that makes his work an integral part of English literature courses? Why do we study the work of a playwright and poet who died 405 years ago?

In this short free course, you will find 6 modules that will help you introduce Shakespeare to your classes. There are some fun facts, some useful info and some activities that you can adapt easily to your lessons.

We know that teachers who are confident in their subject knowledge, can more easily navigate the variables that are an essential part of every K-12 classroom, and improve student engagement.

Helping teachers to be more confident in their classrooms is at the centre of all that we do. The material in this package will help both teachers new to teaching Shakespeare and experienced teachers who just want to remember the fun bits. 

The modules are:

A Bead on the Bard

Who was William Shakespeare and why do we like him?

We Teach Well co-founders Carolyn and Judy welcome you to the wonderful world of Shakespeare and talk about some ways teachers can confidently introduce him to their classes. 

Audio and Transcript

It’s Saturday Afternoon and You have Nothing to Do

What did people do on the weekend in Shakespeare’s time?

Video and Transcript

Twofold Balls and Treble Scepters.

Macbeth 4.1

Not all of Shakespeares work was Elizabethan. Many of his most famous plays were written in the time of James 1st (6th) and are part of the Jacobean canon.

Timeline PDF

Who Said you Don’t Speak Shakespeare?

The most common complaint we hear about teaching Shakespeare is that the language is too difficult. However, you would be surprised at how many of Shakespeare’s words and phrases are commonly used today.

Comic strip PDF Just a few examples.

Not a Cozy Read.

When studying Shakespeare it is essential to understand that the plays were written to be performed, not simply read.

Audio and Transcript.

Bill, the Marketing Genius.

One of the major skills we teach students is to write for their audience.  Outside of the classroom it is the basis for any sound marketing philosophy.

Shakespeare’s writing of the play Macbeth took him to the level of Marketing genius.

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