We teach well when:

We are confident.
We are enthusiastic. 
We are supported.

You bring the enthusiasm.
We give you the material you need to be confident.
Together we build a supportive learning community. 

It is vitally important for students to see beyond their immediate circumstances and develop empathy and a wider world view. This is the core of English and literature teaching. We Teach Well is committed to providing teachers with the resources and support they need to foster this understanding.


Does your marking load seem to breed?

Do you find it hard to get time for researching new texts?

Are you frustrated by the ever revolving door of curriculum changes?

Imagine being part of a borderless professional learning network which includes new and experienced literature teachers from around the world. Imagine having access to the latest research and technology. Imagine being able to reduce educational inequality. Imagine never having to worry about outdated curriculum materials again.

Curricula change – subject knowledge only expands.

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Why are Archetypes Important in Film?

An archetype is an original model of something, what we may call a prototype. According to television producer Aaron Spelling there are only 5 stories and they have all been told. The job of the modern producer or filmmaker is to find new ways of telling them. These 5...

How Much of What We See Is Real?

This post is a little shorter than the last ones have been, but the subject matter is critical to teaching film in our classrooms. It is important to remember that our students have never lived in a world without television and film. For them the visual mediums are...

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