Who We Are

And Why We Can Help You

How we met.

We met while teaching together in Queensland and quickly discovered a shared passion for literature and rock n' roll. Committed to fostering strong engagement in our classrooms we were often in trouble for excesses of noise and activity.
Both of us did other things before we started teaching. Believe it or not we both spent a short and inglorious time in the defence forces. The country is certainly safer with us as teachers.


Hi, I’m Judy.
I live on the Darling Downs in Queensland with my best friend James. Between us we have 8 children. Most are grown up now so you would think life would be a little less hectic. It’s not! I am in the constant state of tiredness that all teachers live in. But I love it and I especially love being able to help and inspire colleagues.

Hey, I’m Carolyn.
I am back in my home city of Melbourne. I retired a few years ago but didn’t like it very much. I missed the company of other passionate teachers and the pleasure of knowing that you are making a difference. I started this journey as a way of re-connecting with teachers like you. I figure that if each of us is making a difference on our own then together we can make a bigger one.
One of my goals is to find a way of living in this awesome city but escaping the winter. The lights of my life are my twin sons who are all grown up and traveling the world.

Like you we are passionate about literature and language and the benefit it provides to students in all disciplines. We also know just how busy a teacher’s life gets. How hard it is to keep up to date and find good material to engage and inspire students.

We plan to make your life easier. To give you the help you need to approach each day with confidence. When you are tired and overworked and your marking pile seems to be breeding on your desk your confidence takes a hit. You begin to doubt yourself and the value of what you are doing. We have all felt this and it is just wrong. You are magnificent. Everyday in the midst of chaos you are planting seeds that have the power to change our world.

As we are committed to serving you it will be good to know what you most need. We would really appreciate your input and thoughts. It may take a little while for us to get things running smoothly and we hope you will bear with us as we, long-term lovers of books and paper things, become accustomed to this new and exciting form of communication.

Looking forward to serving you.