Film as Text introductory package.


Teaching visual literacy and film can be fun. This group of resources includes some handouts and presentations that will provide the essentials for introducing film in the English classroom.


As books were to us, films are to our students. Like any text, a film can be read if you know the language and the signifiers that are used to make meaning. It is not enough to use film as an entertaining addition to our other texts. We need to approach it as a medium in itself with its own language, signifiers and methods. This way our students can still learn the important critical skills that they need while getting a solid understanding of visual literacy. This presentation takes us back to basics in preparation for a deeper study of film.

The handouts include:

Talking the talk – Teaching visual literacy and film requires a whole new vocabulary. Often this is referred to as a meta-language. Whatever we call it, our students need to know it in order to speak and write analytically about film as text.

Storyboard Template – A simple two frame beginning to get students using storyboards in English to flesh out ideas

Viewfinder Template – A fun activity as students think carefully about how what we see is often constructed for us. Can be used in conjunction with film studies in English.