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For most of us it is a year unlike any other and how we remember it will be in the stories that are told. These are stories and reflections that we will share with our grandchildren and even great grandchildren. 

There are a whole range of sites that are collecting data about responses to the pandemic. Each with a slightly different focus.

Many of the sites are free while some are offering paid webinars.

This page will always be freely available and we hope it can add to the larger discussion when we are through the worst of it.


  1. Maggie Scott

    Great initiative.
    My children are 15 and 17 so this was both an easy and challenging time for homeschooling.
    In many ways the amazing teachers were able to deliver education more effectively because there is less ability for disruption of a class BUT the connection between teacher and child and child-to-child is impacted.

    I would like creative thinking about how that can be fostered in a hybrid world of in-school and online learning given that’s probably what’s going to be the norm for quite a bit longer

    • Carolyn

      I think you are correct that this hybrid word of schooling will become the norm. It has huge potential for students who want to study a subject that is not taught at their school but they don’t want to change schools. Already there are some interesting things happening.

  2. Caro

    This is a really good idea.


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