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Professional development for English teachers that improves student engagement and outcomes.

Call for Action research participants. Exploring AI in secondary schools

A chance for teachers to explore how AI could be used to support their teaching and learning.

A co-operative and collegial project designed to empower teachers as they engage with this new technology

We provide your teachers with the support, encouragement, and knowledge they need to excel in teaching English language and literature.

Empowering and further educating your teachers will lead to increased student outcomes and engagement.

Confident teacher after coaching

Because it is always about the students.

The past few years have been eye-opening. While the use of education technology was steadily growing before 2020, there is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated it.

This has created so many possibilities for teacher professional learning networks that are not limited by geography. We can now reach teachers and students in places we couldn’t before.

Judy - We Teach Well

We know that teachers are pivotal to student success and digital tools enable them to access high quality professional development no matter their geographical location.

Co-founders Judy and Carolyn have over 40 years teaching between them. Both in Australia and internationally. They are English and literature subject specialists and have both worked with pre-service and beginning teachers.
Carolyn - We Teach Well

Teachers no longer have to travel long distances or for many hours to access high quality professional development.

We serve teachers and schools in 3 ways.

Professional Development Courses

Teachers who are confident in their subject knowledge are better able to engage students in their learning. And engaged students will remain in school longer.

By embracing the options that digital technology provides, we can produce high quality, subject specific, curriculum agnostic, borderless professional development options that build confidence in English and literature teachers.

More information about our courses.


The course image for the 'Teach Shakespeare Well free course

WTW World Lit Podcast. Decolonising Literature

Our World Lit podcast is central to our mission.

While we love literature in English, we are aware of how the English language has been, and still is, used to undermine cultures. It frustrates us that you can still see courses in ‘English Literature’ being taught around the world, but the texts that are studied are not English. They are Indian, and Russian and South American among many others.

The internet has provided educators with opportunities that were not even imagined when we started teaching.  When researching literature most of us needed to go to the library and find works by other (usually white) academics who had worked with that author or culture.

But we don’t have to do that now.

I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to speak to a teacher in St Petersburg about how to teach Chekhov.

In the WTW World Lit Podcast – Decolonising Literature we speak to teachers and writers in other countries about their literature. About the culture and history that lies behind the texts we are teaching.


someone drinking coffee and looking at the World lit podcast image on their phone

Online Coaching for English Teachers

Again, utilising technology we can offer valuable coaching for English teachers who want to increase their subject knowledge and pedagogy.

There is no single body of knowledge to be taught in English and literature. Poetry, novels, plays and films, amongst other texts, are used to teach students the skills they will need when they leave school. We wrote about this on our blog.

‘Soft Skills’ need a better PR Agent. | We Teach Well

As new issues arise and new texts are released, it is necessary for English teachers to keep current. That can be hard to do in the business and immediacy of a school setting. Our coaching programs give them the space and help to do this.

Find out more about our programs.

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What Our Colleagues Say

Having worked in secondary schools with both teachers I have no hesitation in recommending them. Their knowledge of what is required for student success in English is indisputable. As is their compassion and sensitivity to colleagues who they will mentor and support on their teaching journey.
J. Robb

Deputy Principal, (Retired) Queensland.

Carolyn is an excellent mentor always ready to help out her students and anyone around her with her skills and expertise. The work “weteachwell” is doing is important and highly relevant in today’s education landscape where creativity and arts education needs to be encouraged along with digital learning, to develop 21st century skills.

Hima TK

Founder, InquiBox, Melbourne

We Teach Well presented at the ELT conference in Qatar in 2020

Exciting opportunities we have had to share with teachers.

Facebook post with Carolyn's picture about a workshop for teachers in India.
Judy presented at Shakespeare Conference
49th Annual SAA Conference
The logo of the DIF 2020. Digital education
The logo of the DIF 2021
The logo of the DIF 2022

We have a long way to go, but we know that it starts with teachers.

Teachers are at the centre of great teaching and learning, and if they get equal access to high quality professional development and support, their student’s outcomes will improve. 

We Teach Well Blog

Some Fun with Shakespeare

Some Fun with Shakespeare

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I never quite got podcasts – until we started one

I never quite got podcasts – until we started one

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Post Covid:  Teachers – 10   Pollies – Nil

Post Covid: Teachers – 10 Pollies – Nil

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