Targeted Coaching for Out-of-Field English Teachers

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We Teach Well endorses wholeheartedly the idea that supporting a teacher’s professional growth is the best way to ensure that all students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active, informed citizens. 

Our interactive virtual workshops help teachers and staff develop their skills and confidence. It is this development of confidence and skill that leads to better outcomes for students.

All our programs are aligned with the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The Framework endorses research evidence that the quality of teaching is one of the most significant in-school factors affecting student outcomes. It also agrees with research showing  that a teacher’s practice can grow significantly with better targeted appraisal, support and feedback. All states have established individual programs for implementing the framework in a way that aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Framework recognises the entitlement of all teachers to know what is expected of them, receive ongoing, meaningful feedback and access to high quality professional learning.

The Performance and Development Cycle of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework requires that all teachers have a set of documented goals which are regularly reviewed and reflected upon. They are to be supported in achieving these goals with the help of high quality professional learning and they need to receive both formal and informal feedback. We Teach Well can manage this for you. Our mentors are experienced English and Literature subject specialists who understand the processes.

Facilitating improvement in teaching and learning is the objective of an effective mentoring relationship. The mentor and mentee engage in ongoing reflective practice, including evaluating data, prioritising and setting goals, developing actions and plans, implementing strategies, monitoring progress and adjusting teaching to maximise the effectiveness of their learning.

Get ahead of your next audit by implementing a We Teach Well Mentoring and Coaching program in your school or district. 

What You Get

Group Coaching

Includes 2 one on one sessions over 9 weeks.  Maximum group size is 6 participants

√     Initial 75 min. 1 on 1 coaching session to establish goals and expectations.

√   7 x 75 min. weekly group sessions. **

    Solid introduction to the fundamentals of English language pedagogy

  Goal setting and reflection workbook.

√    WTW lesson planning templates.

√    A selection of WTW resource packages.

    Email and messenger support between sessions.

√    Completion 75 min. 1 on 1 coaching session to evaluate progress and map future learning.

** Maximum of 5 participants in a group.

Bonus: Participants will have access to our virtual ‘Open Staffroom’

We will be hosting a 2 hour live session fortnightly, where participants can come to ask questions, share information or just hang out.

Documents and resources included in the program: 

  • School briefing form.
  • School information request form.
  • Program information with requirements for each session.
  • Reading lists.
  • Mentee SMART goal planning template.
  • Lesson planning templates
  • Reflection templates for each of the Performance and Development cycle areas.
  • Report templates for submitting to school supervisor.
  • Other materials as needed.


Client evaluation of the program will be sought and appreciated.

The core criteria for all We Teach Well mentoring and coaching programs are taken from the Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders. It asks the following questions.

Has the professional learning program:

  • Informed practice and pedagogy?
  • Been relevant, collaborative and future focused?
  • Assisted the teachers and schools  to modify practice in response to student needs?
  • Clarified for the teachers and administrations the importance of professional learning networks and communities of practice?
  • Demonstrated that evidence of practice can and should be collected from a variety of sources?
  • Built the confidence of the teachers as valued professionals?
We Teach Well understands that teachers are multi-faceted and when they reflect on their whole person, their professional goal-setting becomes much more effective.



Effective coaching and mentoring rely on a relationship of trust. Teachers in the program need to know that their coaching sessions are confidential, within the parameters of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Schools will have the opportunity of submitting requests for particular issues to be addressed and they will receive 2 progress reports. They are also invited to contact the mentor by email if they have questions. However, they will not have access to the content of the sessions.

Imagine going home at night knowing your vulnerable teachers are getting the support they need.

Imagine waking in the morning with a little less to worry about.

Imagine knowing that participating staff:

  • are becoming more confident with both face to face and remote teaching and learning.
  • are being supported and coached by specialist English teachers.
  • have increased confidence that will translate to better outcomes for your students.
  • have a safe space to reflect on their pedagogy and explore possibilities.
  • are being provided with access to vibrant online professional learning networks. 
  • have access to confidential systems that will assist in relieving stress.

Most importantly, knowing that you have provided your staff with practical ways of setting and achieving professional goals.  An activity that could stop them from leaving the profession.

Still Not Sure

If you are still not sure if we can give you the help you need, or you have other questions get in touch.

The message button in the bottom right will get to us really fast. We can call you if you would like to chat about it.  Just send us your number and a good time. 


WTW Coaching for Out of Field English Teachers

A combination of group and individual sessions. Designed to build confidence in teachers teaching out of field. Led by subject specialists, participants will gain the skills needed to be confident in English language and literature pedagogy.

Because the end of term 2 sees an intense period of assessments and report writing for English teachers, the coaching for the term includes extra hours to assist the teachers as they navigate the final weeks of term.

Early Bird registration closes on April 1st 2022