Teacher Mentoring and Coaching Programs

The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The Framework endorses research evidence that the quality of teaching is one of the most significant in-school factors affecting student outcomes. It also agrees with research showing  that a teacher’s practice can grow significantly with better targeted appraisal, support and feedback. All states have established individual programs for implementing the framework in a way that aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Framework recognises the entitlement of all teachers to know what is expected of them, receive ongoing, meaningful feedback and access to high quality professional learning.

The Performance and Development Cycle of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework requires that all teachers have a set of documented goals which are regularly reviewed and reflected upon. They are to be supported in achieving these goals with the help of high quality professional learning and they need to receive both formal and informal feedback. We Teach Well can manage this for you. Our mentors are experienced English and Literature subject specialists who understand the processes.

Facilitating improvement in teaching and learning is the objective of an effective mentoring relationship. The mentor and mentee engage in ongoing reflective practice, including evaluating data, prioritising and setting goals, developing actions and plans, implementing strategies, monitoring progress and adjusting teaching to maximise the effectiveness of their learning.

Get ahead of your next audit by implementing a We Teach Well Mentoring and Coaching program in your school or district.