Mentoring and Coaching for Teachers.


2020 Teacher Mentoring programs that align with the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. 

We Teach Well full year program registrations for 2020 have closed but all is not lost. Below you will find links to three more that are coming soon.

If you would like to be informed ahead of the launches just click on the links and leave your contact details. Full year program registrations for 2021 will open in September.

We Teach Well understands that teachers are multi-faceted and when they reflect on their whole person, their professional goal-setting becomes much more effective.

Complete Mentoring Packs for Teacher PD

It can be hard for school leadership to manage all the different aspects of professional development for staff so We Teach Well has come up with a solution. 

We will provide all the documents and forms that you need to run goal setting and reflection sessions which align with the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework. We will provide notes and simple but detailed steps to help you implement the programs.

5 Session Mentoring Intensive

While extended mentoring is an ideal it is not always possible.

The Mentoring Intensive sessions are one on one and designed to focus on a particular area of pedagogy or subject knowledge. They can also be used to kick-start a process by providing the space and support to create a series of goals and provide the structure for later reflection.

Mentoring for Leadership

Teachers are great at planning, they plan lessons, units of work, excursions with all the related safety and duty of care checks and they constantly plan valuable learning experiences for their students.

What they have not usually planned well is their own career in education. The Australian Performance and Development Framework offers teachers a way of planning their career more intentionally. Through the goal setting and reflection process teachers are encouraged to think ahead, keep record of their learning and the kind of evidence that assists when applying for leadership positions.


Include a We Teach Well Mentoring and Coaching program as part of a high quality, successful professional development strategy.

Nationally and internationally, there is unequivocal evidence that the quality of teaching is the most significant in-school factor affecting student outcomes. There is also strong evidence that better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted development can improve teacher performance.     Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

The Performance and Development Cycle of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework endorses research evidence that the quality of teaching is one of the most significant in-school factors affecting student outcomes.

There is agreement that a teacher’s practice can grow significantly with better targeted appraisal, support and feedback.

The Framework recognises the entitlement of all teachers to know what is expected of them. It requires that they have a set of documented goals which are regularly reviewed and reflected upon. Teachers are to be supported in achieving these goals with the help of high quality professional learning and they need to receive both formal and informal feedback.

 All states have established individual programs for implementing the framework in a way that aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework was endorsed by Education Ministers at the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC) on 3 August 2012.

We Teach Well can manage this for you. Our mentors are experienced teachers who have taught in a number of different contexts and understand the fluid and dynamic nature of teaching. All 3 phases of the Performance and Development Cycle will be implemented.

Why Mentoring?

Everything old is new again. Before apprenticeships went out of fashion all new workers were 'mentored' until they were skilled at their craft.

Mentoring has re-emerged as an accepted and valuable strategy for long term success in business:**

  • 75% of millennials deem mentoring critical to their success.
  • Retention rates have been much higher for mentees and mentors (72% and 69%) than for employees not involved in mentoring programs (49%).

The idea that new professionals should have mentors to guide them through developing the skills and managing the stresses of their work has become increasingly accepted. In teaching, for example, induction and mentoring programs have become widespread; however, their implementation has often been disappointing.

Mentoring in the New Millennium by Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan.

Andy Hargreaves is professor and director of the International Centre for Educational Change, and Michael Fullan is Dean, at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

**Mentorloop -The Complete Mentoring Program Toolkit.

According to the The Mentoring Capability Framework (MCF)**  improvement in teaching and learning is the objective of an effective mentoring relationship. The mentee engages in ongoing reflective practice which includes setting goals, developing plans and monitoring progress.

** State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training) 2019

We Teach Well mentoring programs work because:

  • Our mentors have years of successful teaching experience.
  • We understand the requirements of both State and Federal education bodies.
  • We know that teachers are multi-faceted and that to be successful, their professional goals must align with other areas of their lives.

What Our Colleagues Say

Having worked in secondary schools with both teachers I have no hesitation in recommending them. Their knowledge of what is required for student success in English is indisputable. As is their compassion and sensitivity to colleagues who they will mentor and support on their teaching journey.

J. Robb

Deputy Principal, (Retired) Queensland.

We Teach Well is an incredible resource for teachers and a great support network. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about making a difference in the education industry through her work. What a great initiative!

C. Goldsworthy

Founder, The Fashion Advocate, Melbourne & Brisbane

Carolyn is an excellent mentor always ready to help out her students and anyone around her with her skills and expertise. The work “weteachwell” is doing is important and highly relevant in today’s education landscape where creativity and arts education needs to be encouraged along with digital learning, to develop 21st century skills.

Hima TK

Founder, InquiBox, Melbourne

The team has so many years of experience and invaluable insights and knowledge to share with teachers.

E. Cooper

Community Manager, Melbourne.

Another issue in the future of mentoring concerns teachers’ increasing needs for emotional support. Teaching is an emotional practice (Hargreaves, 1998). It arouses and colours feelings in teachers and those they teach. Teaching involves not only instructing students but also caring for and forming relationships with them. With the children of many of today’s post-modern families (Elkind, 1997)- families that often are fractured, poor, single- parented-this burden of caring is becoming even greater. Teachers are repeatedly putting themselves on the line. Times of rapid change, whether chosen or imposed, can create even greater anxiety and insecurity among teachers as the challenge of learning new strategies calls their competence and confidence into question

Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan


Include a We Teach Well Mentoring and Coaching program as part of a high quality, successful professional development strategy.

Program for New Teachers

New teachers are more effective when they can learn from experienced colleagues through supportive and motivating relationships.

Program for Out of Field English Teachers

The number of teachers teaching out of field is growing and many argue that it is one of the reasons for poor retention. Teachers who don’t feel confident will struggle with the daily practice of teaching.

Program for English and Literature Teachers

Experienced teachers can benefit from mentoring. Particularly if they are preparing for positions of added responsibility.