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How do you find a gift that really shows how much you appreciate the teachers who care for and guide your children?

Even though we were teachers, we got frustrated with the limited options available to us. We knew that teachers are thrilled with whatever your child gives them, but we wanted to find more. We started designing our own so we could give our kid’s teachers the things that we knew they would like.

The comments we got from other parents led us to start designing a useful collection. Simple and colourful designs on useful items that we know teachers will love. We take all the stress out of buying gifts for teachers so you can relax.

And the best bit!  Delivered to your door.

How easy is that.

Popular gifts that teachers will love.

Teachers have done an amazing job during the pandemic. For almost 2 years they have been working to ensure the best possible experience for their students.

That is their job and they are committed to doing it well. These simple gifts are a way of letting them know that you appreciate the work they do for our children.

A gift for a teacher